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01 May 2007

New Toy

I got my birthday gift a couple of days early-- a shiny blue iPod Shuffle, with Cheeky Su beautifully engraved on the back. Isn't my husband the greatest?

Can't manage a pic that's not blurry. Will try again later.


Kar said...

Aw, too cool! :)

sparquay said...

yay, an iPod. Mine is almost 2 years old and still keep running faithfully. I use it mostly in my car with the stereo. At least it will keep you company on your jogs and biking.
You might not want to listen to it while sewing... we wouldn't want another accident to happen.

And what's with these ridiculously long word verifications?

Su said...

Thanks, kar. :) I've barely put it down for the past two days.

Sparquay, thanks for the good advice. I will certainly not mix iPoding and sewing.

I don't know about the word verifications. I do know I can never manage to get it right on the first try. I seem to have eye problems.

Keely said...

Hey Susan,
Happy Birthday.. Sorry this is so late. I hope you had a wonderful day.
Our new email address is keelyandphllmiller@comcast.net. I hope to hear from you soon.

The Gearharts said...

Su Happy late BERTDAY!!! An iPod with engraving WOW that is true love:)
Amy G

Kar said...

i get the word verification right about half the time (w/o retyping i mean). they do seem to go out of their way to trick you. but i guess that's better than making it too easy?