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03 October 2008

Friendship for the Cure

I just like adding the words "for the Cure" to whatever I'm doing. Thanks, Komen.

So, one of my coworkers lost her sister to breast cancer about 16 months ago. Today, I asked her to write her sister's name (it has a different spelling than the "norm") for me so I can put it on my "Running in memory of" sign to wear on my back tomorrow. She nearly started to cry. I didn't mean for that to happen, but you know, if I lost my sister, I wouldn't stop crying for about 10 years. And I mean all the time, not just if someone mentioned her name.

So, at risk of mixing my humourous and poignant, what else can I do for the cure tomorrow? (Also, this is probably the most pink you'll ever see on my blog. One day only.)

Sleep for the Cure! (At least, until about 5:30 AM.)
Drive for the Cure!
Work out for the Cure! (Yeah, our prescribed mileage for tomorrow is 10, but the Komen race is only 3.1... so we have to run 7 miles first before we race.)
Eat for the Cure! (Our team leader is bringing breakfast burritos.)
Stand around for the Cure! (If past "Opening Ceremonies" are anything to go by.)
Race for the Cure!
Eat some more for the Cure! (I love the post-race Expo. I hope they have more free Fuze.)
and, finally...
Nap for the Cure! (We're getting up that early, then running 10 miles? Yeah, we'll need a nap.)

Plus, we'll also be eating cake and watching a movie for the Cure, but that's more for Chad's birthday.


Nora Hyman said...

I liked the pink! It seemed very ... you! :)

Su said...

Are you insane? I mean, more than normal?

Nora said...

Probably ... :)
I use to HATE pink with a passion, now I LOVE it passionately! It could happen to you ...

Su said...

Oh, I hope not. I loved pink when I was, like, 10. Now I'm extremely anti-girlyness.