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07 October 2008

Yes, I know

So I've been unsupervised at work for the last four days.

My supervisor & three other women from the office took off to New York for one of their "girl trips". Which is just rude. I said I was going to run wild around the office, but unfortunately, this little trip happened directly after the end of the month. Dang!

So, between my own work and covering some of my supervisor's rather extensive workload, I didn't have much time for wild running. Although, the doctor was kind enough to thank me today for helping out.

Also, one of the other girls today told me I "didn't even know" how behind she was on her work. I assured her that I do, in fact, know, being as I am now a week behind on my own account. I have grown weary of the "woe is me" that happens in, well, every office. So, I've just stopped listening.

In a completely unrelated topic, has anyone else seen the Bertolli advert with the song from Carmen? It's one of my favourites at the moment.

And in another unrelated topic... it's remarkable easy to turn off the television when I have four channels of presidential debate to choose from. No, thanks... I'll just read the transcript later.


Timbra said...

yeah, a little miffed at that lack of biggest loser in favor of the overabundance of the debate. . . . i've done my part, i registered yesterday, so at least i can vote, but that doesn't mean i have to like it!!! anyway, i tagged ya, so come to my page to see what to do.

Su said...

Oh, yeah, I was upset about missing Biggest Loser, too.