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31 October 2008

Random Friday Night Stuff

So, my TV obsession is starting to wear off, thank goodness. I am still addicted to NCIS and Criminal Minds, but at least I'm down to two shows. I've spent most of my life with one TV show at a time, so I readily admit that having two-- especially two that are so similar-- is really messing with my brain.

Okay, so I'm also into Life, but it has been moved to Wednesday nights... right up against Criminal Minds. But, I will be taking the advice of-- yeah, don't know who-- who suggested watching Life on the internet, which is not an option with Criminal Minds.

Anyway! I forgot to buy candy, which means I did not turn on my outside light this evening. So, I'm sure I missed the chance to see the delightful children of our apartment complex looking even cuter than usual. (Seriously, we do have some cute kids living here.)

Enjoying Letterman at the moment... but I'll have to go to bed sooner or later.


Beth said...

I bought candy but no cute kids came. :-(
No ugly ones, either. :-)

Beth said...

At least I get to eat the candy myself....

Su said...

Eating the candy myself is what I was afraid of. I had the least candy of anyone in my office this week, and I still had way too much.

Shame about not getting any ugly kids.