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12 October 2008

Racing... just because.

So last week, before the Race for the Cure, we had about 40 minutes of Standing Around for the Cure.

This week, we participated in the Red Raider Road Race, which is a running club race that happens the week of Tech's homecoming. And according to time-honoured tradition, before the race began, we had a Red Raider Stand Around.

This is the most popular West Texas Running Club race by far; this year, there were 457 finishers. (Compared with about 90-150 at every other race.) It didn't look like over 450 people when we lined up to start, but then, we were at the back.

Nothing of note happened in this race, except that I was a bit distracted by the homecoming preparations (and students getting their pictures taken by the red tissue paper-covered statue), which did not add up to me running the fastest race of my life. When I saw my time at the end, I thought I had achieved a PR-- until the race results were posted online this afternoon. Dang!

Also, a race day is a good excuse to eat cookies afterwards. The "Red Raider Cookie Eating," if you will.

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