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28 October 2008

Voting, Part Dang! We thought she was done.

When last we saw her, our intrepid young voter had just stepped inside her first voting box and pulled the levers.

(Actually, that's not true. Indiana in '96 didn't have levers; we had the punch card things that caused so much trouble in Florida in 2000.)

Anyway! That was the last time I saw the inside of a voting booth for four and one-half years, because... in August of '96 I started aim. So, I voted for the '96 general, the '98 midterms (primary and general), and the '00 primary as an absentee voter. (By the way, as a plug for my home state, Indiana sends out some really nice, complimentary letters to absentee voters. I would hope every state does, but I have no actual experience in absentee voting in any other state.)

Normally, one gets a nice, pre-stamped or postage paid envelope to send one's ballot back in. Not so when one lives across the pond. Just in case you were wondering. When I told the woman at the voter registrar's office in Greenfield that I would need my ballot sent to Scotland, she looked positively dumbfounded. Not a request I suppose they hear much in Greenfield, Indiana.

Also during this time was the whole Lewinskigate nonsense, which started my disenchantment with the Republican party. They've never gotten me back.


Carri Lindsay said...

Why did Lewinski disenchant you to the REPUBLICAN party? Because they didn't step up? I'm confused. ;) as always.

Su said...

Hmmm, sorry to have contributed to your confusion! :)

Because the Republicans in Congress (and, actually, everywhere else) acted like such jerks. Sure, Clinton royally screwed up, and needed to be held accountable. But the Republican party as a whole didn't have to fall all over themselves to say every nasty thing they could think of to every TV camera they could see. They had the chance to take the high road, and instead they jumped down into the muck and started to throw it around.

As far as the other side goes, I already didn't like the Democrats. So the Lewinski thing was when I realised that neither of the major parties was worth giving my whole-hearted allegiance to.

Does that clear it up? :)

sarah chia said...

I agree. I would never call myself a Republican. But I'd be hard pressed to vote for a Democrat, simply because their platform is so far from what I believe in.

BTW, sorry I'm filling up your inbox with comments all of a sudden. I don't know why I haven't subscribed to your blog before. Your in my reader now!