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19 September 2011

A Blogversary Giveaway!

No, no, not my blogversary. That is still a couple of weeks away.

I'm playing a happy tune to help
celebrate. And I can't tell you the
source of this pic, because I found
it on the internets many moons ago.
No, it's the amazing blogger JE Fritz who is celebrating her first blogversary, with a giveaway of some great books or a gift card! Yay! All you have to do is run on over and join in the fun.

And you should run on over there anyway, because her blog is très fun. (Yep, now that I'm taking French I totally reserve the right to use French words from time to time.) Especially for word lovers.

What are you waiting for? Go! Enter! And see how fab her blog really is.


erica and christy said...

Christy knows French. I know Spanish and Signed English, therefore making me trilingual (at a 2-year-old level, but it totally counts! ;)

Sorry, Su, we haven't made it here as often as we want. We have goals to visit more often, we swear!

Su said...

I keep thinking that this class would be easier if I knew French. :/
And no worries about the visiting! I'm hardly ever visiting anyone these days!