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11 September 2011

Live Better

I'm fairly certain that every blogger in America is contractually obligated to write about The Anniversary today. So I shall content myself with saying:

What unites us is stronger than what divides us.
The things we have in common are greater than the differences.
One word of kindness is better than 1000 words of complaint.

Remember, at home and at work, in our streets and in our schools, at the office, at the game, or at the restaurant: We are better together.

(And if you came here looking for a blog post that will both make you cry and give you hope, I suggest you try this one instead. It's brilliant.)


Anonymous said...

I did go and read her posting...it IS brilliant. So very real..so right there. Canadians and indeed, people all around the world, are with you today in spirit. Keep strong.

Su said...

I am so very fond of our friends to the north. I know there were some diverted planes on 9/11 that ended up in Canada, and from all accounts, the hospitality was magnificent.

I'd like to come to grad school in Canada-- not just because you are hospitable, but that helps. ;)

....Petty Witter said...

Thanks for your post in remeberance of 9/11. I'm away to visit the other blog you mention.

nutschell said...

we are better together. so true! i love how simple and yet affecting your post is.


Su said...

@Petty: Thanks for stopping by!

@Nutschell: Thanks! I've done the write-out-my-memory thing before, but I wasn't feeling it this year. Decided to keep it short instead!