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23 September 2011


This seemed like a reasonably non-stressful
Happy first day of (insert appropriate season for your hemisphere here)!

At this blogging rate, my 1000th post may well end up being on my 7th blogversary. Sheesh! I have a plan to get all caught up on homework this weekend (seriously, how do I get so behind only a few weeks into every semester?), and then give my poor neglected blog some attention. And possibly apply to grad school. That's kind of important.

So, today's green living tip is probably better for you personally than the impact it will have on the planet, but those are the best kind, yes? It is: Unplug. Turn off your computer, turn off the TV, turn off the lights. Have a little period of peace in your house where nothing distracts you from taking some deep breaths. Even better: grab this time to go out for a walk. It doesn't have to be long-- just a few minutes' break to de-stress and relax is a long way better than continuing to be stressed!

The impact of using less electricity for a few minutes will probably be minuscule for both the planet and your electricity bill, but if you are less stressed, then your interactions with others will likely be more pleasant, and your little corner of the planet may be a happier place as a result.

Do you have a "turn it off" time? What do you do? Or do you have other de-stress ideas?


Donna said...

When no one else is in the house. Usually a few minutes before my son comes home off the bus. And it's a great de-stressor.

Liz said...

Why this rush to get to 1000 posts? It's quality, not quantity that matters.

As for my unplug, I take a day off from the Internet about once a week. No email, no blogs, nothing. It's all there when I get back, and it's nice to get away from it from time to time.

Su said...

@Donna: Nice. Good plan!

@Liz: It's not exactly rushing when I've been blogging for seven years. But that was more a comment on my frustration at not having time for blogging than it was me being in a rush. I don't think I could take a full day off of the internet during the semester, since all of my classes have coursework online. But I definitely enjoy web-free days in the holidays. You're right-- it's such a relief to take a break!

Susan Oloier said...

Unplug and destress: I have two hours M-Th to myself and usually I spend it writing...on a computer. Your post makes me realize I need to find more time in the week to unplug.

Su said...

Hey, if the writing is helping you de-stress, keep at it! There is probs another time you go non-computer.