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30 September 2011

Unplug, Part 2

So, on the heels of last week's post encouraging you to unplug for the sake of your sanity comes this week's reminder that there are a couple of other reasons to unplug, too.

Reason #1: Your electricity bill. Basically, anything that has a little light on it is drawing electricity when it's plugged in, whether you have it turned on or not. It really is a good idea to unplug computers and other electronics when you are going to bed, or going out for a few hours, or whatever. Of course, if unplugging your (insert device here) means you'd have to completely reprogram it when you plug it back in, don't put yourself through that kind of madness. Lowering your electricity bill won't do you any good if you've lost all your sanity.

Reason #2: The usual energy-saving stuff.

Do you unplug your electronics? Do you have another reason for doing it or not that I missed? How's your sanity?


Anonymous said...

We unplug our living room TV at night or when there is thunder..same with the computer. The stereo is unplugged all the time unless we feel the need to boogey. The TV in the back room is plugged in all the time because it is (as you mentioned) a nightmare to reprogram.
Small appliances are unplugged immediately after use. When the diswasher has cooled down I open and then close the door so the little light is not on until the next load. We have peak, mid peak and off peak times here with different rates. I am proud to say that our off peak usage was substantial (65% of total usage).

Claire Robyns said...

We unplug everything except TVs and computers, basically because I'll end up breaking a leg twice a week trying to reach those plugs.

Su said...

@Delores: You are, as ever, a champion. And I am totally moving to Canada. ;)

@Claire: Yikes! Yeah, broken legs are much more problematic than leaving the TV plugged in.