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09 December 2016

I Propose the Potomac

That's the only Hamilton reference I managed all weekend. Well, except in the National Archives when Jenna asked what year the Jefferson-Burr election was and I said, "It's 1800, ladies; tell your husbands, 'Vote for Burr!'" She had the cast album on in the car before the weekend was out.

So, yeah. I went to D.C. for the weekend, only my second trip there in this lifetime (my first was my one-day 8th-grade class trip 25 years ago). Reason #1 was to see The Secret Garden, about which muuuuuuuuuuch more anon, whether you want to hear about it or not, and reason #2 was that my college friend Jenna lives there now and I'm a heck of a lot closer in Cincinnati than I used to be in Austin, so I swooped it for a weekend of helping her develop her theatre addiction.

But first, there are a few things in D.C. other than the theatre to go look at (I was surprised, too!):
U.S. Capitol (taken from the Mall). Jenna says they only just
 took the scaffolding (for repairs) down in the last couple weeks,
so my timing was good.

Washington Monument

Very very close to the Washington Monument.
(This is the luckiest photo I've ever taken.)

WWII Memorial

MLK National Memorial

MLK National Memorial. About half my pics of this memorial came out blurry. :(

Vietnam War Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial. Unlike almost everyone else,
I wasn't about to take a selfie with Abe.

The Mall from the Lincoln Memorial steps.

Korean War Memorial

In a more-stalkery-than-I'm-really-comfortable-with moment,
I took this photo only because I've seen the exact same reindeer
on some of the Secret Garden casts' Instagrams. I know.

We didn't get to go in.

No idea what this is, but it's very pretty.

This was near... a whole bunch of stuff. Ford's Theatre, the MLK Public Library,
the Shakespeare Theatre Company, the Newseum. Somewhere in there.

Folger Shakespeare Library. We got there five minutes to close,
got the five-minute tour, and put it at the top of the "next time" list.
(This is a scene from Macbeth, in case you can't read that.)

Folger Shakespeare Library
That's what I saw outside the theatre. Also the National Archives, where photography is not permitted, but I got to stand right next to the Constitution, and that totally makes up for not having a photo.

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