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30 January 2017

Desperate Times

Last week, I went running on Sunday afternoon after church, and happened to see a couple of folks (who happen to be a couple) I'd chatted with at church that morning. Fortunately, they both remembered me, instead of me having to remember them, because when I'm in running mode, all other areas of my brain are switched off.

Last Sunday was unseasonably warm, and as a result my run was quite pleasant. This weekend? Well, it was back to seasonable, with gusty winds and some snow to boot, so... I stayed inside. Not the smartest move with three weeks to go until a half marathon, I know. I tell myself I'm still getting acclimated to the Ohio winter, that I'll do better eventually, but obviously these are dumb excuses and "eventually" will never arrive if I don't go outside to meet it. Ugh.

I went digging into my blog archives
for old running pics as a show of
solidarity with myself. IIRC, this was
our first race with the West Texas
Running Club
in 2007. 
So, after chatting to one of the aforementioned folks again yesterday, and hearing her reassurance that she didn't go running this weekend, either (solidarity from the real Ohioans!), I happened to run across both of them online yesterday afternoon and read his blog about going out in the freezing rain a couple weeks back when once upon a time he would have stayed indoors. I'm choosing to see that as more solidarity with my adjustment phase, mostly because he's trying to qualify for Boston and I'm just trying not to turn into a lump.

Anyway, on to the good stuff from last week, such as it is. I started using the treadmill at work on colder days, which while mind-numbing, also has many upsides, to wit: 1) I'm not thinking about how cold I am; 2) I can go at a consistent pace; 3) In fact, since running on the treadmill is easier than outside, I'm going a bit faster than I normally would; 4) I get it all done and am still home before 6:30; 5) I can read while running. I'm unhappy about skipping out on some miles, but am pretty chuffed at my treadmill times.

This week: probably more miles on the treadmill, because the forecast is not encouraging, and figure something out for next week's long run. I can't skip another one, so this may be the week I grit my teeth and bear it. Three weeks to El Paso!

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