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25 January 2017

Time to Park

Today's my transportation day, and I have good news: you can bike, walk, roll a wheelchair, kayak, ride a horse, drive, and some combination of the above through the great treasures that are our national parks.

Getting there? Well, we have planes, trains, automobiles, buses, streetcars, bicycles--however works best for you. See? Transportation!

Visit a national park near you. Check out their websites and learn things. Send them an email or a tweet to let them know how awesome they are. Contact your elected officials and tell them what our parks mean to you. (While you're doing that, the Bureau of Land Management could also benefit from your voice.)

Look at this trail! LOOK at it!! It's not nearly finished, but once it is--wow.
And one of the finished segments is near me!

And you can support the national parks here.

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