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20 January 2017

Self-Care is Green, Too

Source: Vivek Chugh on freeimages.com.
Take a nap. Read a book. Listen to soothing music. Spend time with a friend. Turn off your TV. Check out. Whatever you need to do to get ready to face the day and make your corner of the world a better place, every day.

Especially this day.


Hart Johnson said...

We really need this, don't we. I am trying, as much as I can on a day I have to go to work and the work content overlaps with politics...

J E Oneil said...

Going to need a lot of these for the next four years.

Su Wilcox said...

Yeah. Not sure how much longer I can keep up the lighthearted and barely useful stuff I usually write. :/ I'm sure gonna try.