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16 January 2017

Running Crazy

This is pretty much what it looks like to run in Cincy
lately, except we have more hills. Image source:
Patrick Nijhuis on freeimages.com.
Running metaphors tend to make me a little stabby, not because they're (necessarily) untrue, but because geez, surely there are other ways to encourage humans to live life as it comes or take it one day at a time without resorting to "It's a marathon, not a sprint!" Running metaphors date at least as far back as the apostle Paul. Let them go, y'all.

So it's a little crazy-making when I catch myself thinking, "You don't have to go fast, you just have to go," or similar platitudes when I'm running. And then I waste valuable energy being annoyed at myself for not coming up with anything better than clich├ęs to pep talk myself with. It's not that they aren't true; it's that I, as always, want more words. Or at least different ones. Because it's my intention in life as well as running to be here for the long haul, which will take all the words and energy I can muster.

Yeah, half marathon training is going great.

What's making you crazy today?

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