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03 January 2017

On the Tenth Day of Christmas

For the 12 Days of Christmas, I'm sharing second, third, or otherwise not-first verses of popular Christmas carols.

Image source: Davide Guglielmo on
"Dona Nobis Pacem"

By: It's part of the Latin Mass

Written in: A long time ago indeed.

I have thoughts: Okay, you caught me. This song doesn't so much have verses as one sentence that's repeated many, many times. What can I say--I wanted at least one in Latin, this is my favourite, so here it is. Plus, it's not like praying for peace has ever passed out of necessity, and we need it today as much as we ever have.

Incidentally, I learned this song from M*A*S*H, and while the entire clip from the episode ("Dear Sis") doesn't seem to be hanging out on YouTube, the cast singing the song is on the first part of this video.

Verse: This is an easy one!
Dona nobis pacem, pacem
Dona nobis pacem.



Sharlan Proper said...

I learned an English language version of the song at the beginning of the school year in Junior High, so I never thought of it as a carol. It absolutely is. How cool! I like the M*A*S*H version as well as any I've heard.

Su Wilcox said...

That's a good point--I did learn it in English first. (Snooze!) And I suppose you caught me again, since it's not strictly a Christmas carol. I just seem to hear it more this time of year, so here it is!