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11 February 2009

Austin, here I come...

So, my time for the past three or so weeks has been something like this:


This is why the half marathon is the longest distance that I currently care to do; I run too slowly to even think of training for a full marathon. There aren't enough hours in a day for me to run enough to train for that kind of distance and still, you know, live my life.

Anyway! We leave for Austin on Friday morning, I have no idea what we'll be doing Friday afternoon or Saturday (although I hope "rest" is high on Ruth's agenda-- whatever-- that word is not in her vocabulary!), and Sunday is the race. The biggest race we've run in to date was the 5K we ran in Indiana last May. There were something like 4000 runners in that race (plus another 3000 in the half marathon-- but I never saw them), and a sizeable, albeit sporatic, crowd to cheer us on. The Austin Marathon has 6000 people in the full, and 8000 in the half-- so quite a jump in field size. Plus, we all start together, so we're talking 14000 people all hanging out together in the streets of Austin. And apparently, there will be spectators, bands, and other fun stuff along the course, so it's not like we'll lack for motivation there. Yay! This is going to be fun. (You know, tired, sore, sweaty fun.)


Ruth said...


I hope you liked the hordes of people. It reminds me of Hebrews 12. Well, it probably would have moreso if I wasn't concerned about using the porta.

Actually, I did get a decent nap in during Hoodwinked, so I borrowed the movie from Sharlan in order to finish it. Cute movie.

Eric is talking about running a full marathon--just two days after running a half. Apparently, we don't understand the term "break".

Su said...

Oh, Chad already has our full marathon all picked out.

Plus, you know, we have another half in six weeks, which I will begin training for in just a few minutes. Yikes.