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02 February 2009

Most expensive 30 seconds ever!

I watched the Super Bowl commercials the good way-- on the internet, the next day, with no annoying football to sit through. So, here are my conclusions:

1. If I laughed my bum off, I wouldn't have it reattached.
2. If I had known the Budweiser Clydesdales had Scottish accents... well, I still wouldn't use their product.
3. I wish Danica Patrick would find a new sponsor.

My favourite? The Bridgestone Potato Heads.

My favourite ever? I always liked the Bud Bowl (it weirds me out that the under-25 crowd can't remember the Bud Bowl), but my favourite ever was probably the year with the "Nuthin' but net" series between Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, culminating in the Super Bowl version. (Off the goalpost, off Leslie Visser's head, nuthin' but net.)


sarah chia said...

Those potato heads were GREAT!

I also liked the Heroes commercial where they were playing a football team.

Su said...

Yeah, that one was good, too. There were a lot of good ones, I thought. But I just loved Mrs. Potato Head switching to her glaring eyes. How handy to have a separate set of eyes for every emotion. :)