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17 February 2009

Austin, there I go...

Some pictures from the trip (race report to follow--eventually):

So, this is the fountain in front of Palmer Events Centre (I think that's what it is called), where the race expo was. If you look at the sign in the background, it has the marathon expo details on it.
The Story of Texas; a museum of Texas history. Keely has tried to tell me about the six flags, but being as I didn't grow up here, all I know is these are probably the six flags that Texas has been under.

This is just a florist. I liked the building.

I think this is an office building. They light it up at night; it's pretty cool to look at.

And, I liked this planter, too.

I don't know why the fire hydrants in Austin are silver. But they are.

Now, if you don't notice the sign to let you know the signs have changed, then you're on your own.

World's friendliest graffitti.

This bookstore is probably the outspoken college student's idea of heaven; there is a sign out front about sharing ideas and that sort of fun stuff. If we'd had more time, I totally would have gone in and poked around a bit.

The (apparently) famous bell tower.

You know, when you're feeling a bit stressed, you can just go to the chilling station.

And... a trash can that makes me laugh. I'm not sure what happens when you put trash in, because I didn't have any on me to test the action-packed (although, as ever, punctuation-free) trash can.


sarah chia said...

That sign certainly does make it compelling to throw trash away, huh?

Su said...

Yeah. I should have scrounged up something to throw away, just to see what would happen. Maybe the next time I go to Austin. :)