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08 February 2009

What's on TV?

So, since we've received our converter box coupons, and the government can't seem to decide whether or not to stick to the Febuary deadline for DTV, we went ahead and bought our new box. Which allowed us to watch Skate for the Heart on three different channels yesterday! Hooray for digital television!

Seriously, I hope that once we're all digitalized and whatnot that the networks will use their extra channels to give a couple of different shows, instead of repeating the same thing that's already on the main channel. Please!!

So, I was at someone's house yesterday, and Fox news was on. (I realise that I'm about to make fun of Fox, but CNN is just as bad, so pretend that I'm talking about them, if you like.) First of all, are women still allowed to be reporters if they aren't young and blonde? I didn't see any other kind during the two hours that the TV and I were in the same room.

Here's the good part: There was a headline that asked, "What happened to bipartisanship?" What do you mean, what happened? It's probably still hanging out in fantasyland with Santa and the Tooth Fairy, you know, where it's always been. You should try looking there.

Also, I couldn't hear the story, but when they were talking about the 2010 census there were a lot of shots of young, blonde census takers (Did I miss something? Is every woman in the U.S. now under 40 and blonde? Does this have something to do with the DTV switch?) making notes on their Blackberrys while staring intently at houses. If I saw someone standing at my gate, staring at my front door, with Blackberry whirring, I'd call the police. I hope that's not the plan for the census next year. :)

So, this is probably why I don't have cable. I can't keep up with the channels we do have.

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