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24 February 2009

Save the daylight!

On second thought, I can wait for spring if I can just have that extra hour of daylight in the evening. (Yeah, I hate changing for daylight saving time, but since I'm stuck with it, I may as well embrace it.)

Also, since I'm watching President Obama speak, I think there are some advantages to having a father of young children in office. I'd love to see him put Congress in timeout. He got that teacher-y, parent-y look on his face while saying "Thank you! Thank You!" Yeah, I remember that tone of voice-- it means, Sit down and be quiet NOW.

Also? That's a nice tie he's wearing.


sarah chia said...

LOL... that is one of the things I really can't stand about Obama. I'm not sure why people didn't see this during the election. Everyone thought he was Mr. Compassion. But at one of the town hall debates, I remember him several times (yes... several) answering questions by saying, "Look... blah, blah, blah, whatever he was answering to."

His tone of voice when he said "look" was pretty much like, "Okay, moron, let's get this straight."

Su said...

Yeah, I spotted that. Although I mind a lot less when it is directed at Congress.

One wonders (at least, this one does) what the political arena would be like if they would just say things like "moron" when they're already thinking it.