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22 February 2009

I wait patiently...

"Patiently" is probably stretching the truth to the breaking point.

So, I acknowledge that I live in an area that does not see much in the way of cold weather, where spring comes early, and summer lingers for a long time.

Having said that, roll on spring.

In my own defence, spring may come early here, but it doesn't stick around for long. One day, usually around mid-April, we'll be having lovely spring weather; the next day, summer crashes down upon us. We get the hot temps long before the official first day of summer.

So, I like it when spring comes a bit early. I'm always ready for it once the first of March rolls round; this winter, the weather has been teasing us by alternating warm(er) days with cold days. Hence the reason I am feeling the spring fever earlier than usual.

So, as the freezing mornings leave and the trees turn green, I will be dancing with joy. Until then, I'll be as patient as I can.

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