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28 February 2009

I had no idea I could do this for a LIVING!

Turns out, the career path of nagging is now wide open and available to those with the desire and skill. I know we've all been waiting for the moment when our society reached this point! Now, the unmotivated soul can pay to have some on his/her case all the time. Brilliant!

Acutally, I want to know what sort of training is required to become a nagger. Does it require a batchelor's degree? Do I have to write a thesis first? Is there a university near me that offers courses in nagging? (I already know the answer to that one-- no, there isn't.)

I need a label for my posts along the lines of "Really Extra-Snarky".


sarah chia said...

Wow! All this time, I've been trying to find ways to stop nagging. I've been burying my talent in the sand, it seems.

Su said...

I know! Finally, a way to use those skills for fun AND profit!

Kar said...

Hilarious. It sounds like something I would hate (I fall into the "you nag me, I want to do it less" category) but from looking at her website, she sounds more like some kind of "life coach"/motivational speaker type person. Interesting (and her photo on her blog is pretty funny).