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13 March 2009


So we watched Criminal Minds on Wednesday night. Now, I like this show (okay, I like the cast; the subject matter of the show isn't my favourite), but whenever the adverts promise a "disturbing" episode, I tend to steer clear. A show about serial killers is disturbing enough without the writers handing us an extra sprinkle of creepy, thanks.

**Spoiler alert: Stop reading if you haven't gotten back to your DVR to watch yet.**
Wednesday night was finally an Emily episode, which I've been waiting for. But the "bad guy" turned out to be a priest who was conducting unauthorised exorcisms, which killed three people. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe in exorcism. I certainly don't believe in killing people in an attempt to "cast out Satan". I do believe this may have been the least creepy, least disturbing episode of Criminal Minds that I've ever seen.

I suppose it's because I have been hearing "church" words all my life that nothing seen on Wednesday night surprised me. Or maybe I've watched enough Buffy and Angel that it's no longer a big deal. Or perhaps my lack of belief in such things insulates me. (On the other hand, I have no problem believing in serial killers.)

In my circle of acquaintances, there are some Christians who tell me to never say anything negative because "Satan can capture that and use it against you". There are those who believe they have to "cleanse" their house in case there are demons lurking. There are some who probably think the priest on Wednesday's episode had the right idea (apart from that whole killing-people thing). But the Lord clearly says that Jesus defeated Satan, disarmed his forces. Satan is a conquered enemy, who can no more use my words against me than I can play in the NBA. I hate for people to give Satan that much credit; they allow him to disrupt their lives just by being afraid of what he will do to them.

Watch out for the devil's schemes, certainly. Guard yourself against temptation. Don't think that by your own will or godliness that you can single-handily defeat Satan. But don't go around cowering in fear-- Jesus has already defeated Satan for us! The work is done!

And that's why I was sad about Wednesday's episode, but not disturbed.


sarah chia said...

So... were the people who were demon possessed Christians? Cause I believe in demon possession of people who haven't accepted Christ's life yet.

But I don't think that Christians can be possessed because we have Christ living in us, and there's no room for Satan. I do think that demons can continue to try to torment Christians, though.

Personally, I think that either extreme... thinking Satan is more powerful than he is, or not taking him seriously enough... are both dangerous.

Su said...

Yeah, in the episode the victims were Catholics who had begun questioning the faith.

I agree that both extremes are dangerous. And I agree that Satan will do what he can to pull Christians away from Jesus.

However, what I believe may actually be more disconcerting: I think there are people who are willing enough to do Satan's work without him having to possess them. And that's just scary.