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21 March 2009

The Most Important Holiday of the Year

Not to overstate my case or anything, but Wow! do I love this season!

You can have my birthday, take away Valentine's day, and recall all holidays that allow postal and bank workers to stay home while the rest of us work. I'll even give you the first day of all the other seasons. But do not-- DO NOT-- mess with the first day of spring. It's sacred.

I admit that for the life of me I cannot understand how the entire world gets a 12-hour day, all on the same day, twice a year. Seriously, I don't get it. (I am happy in my ignorance, though, so please don't try to explain. Science is not my subject, and you'll just be throwing your pearls before swine, as it were.) But it happens, and by gum, bring on the celebration.

I refrained from buying balloons and making a cake to express my delight (although Chad did ask for a cake!). And thus far, I've spent most of my spring sitting inside (something I intend to remedy shortly). But my joy at my favourite time of year FINALLY making an appearance is not to be mistaken. (Even my coworkers noticed that I was unusually happy yesterday. Don't worry, I won't make it a habit.)

And, since this week seemed to be chock-full of holidays, let me add one more for your reading pleasure: March 19 was the two-year anniversary of my lacing up my running shoes once again. Well, my shoes anyway. I didn't buy proper running shoes for about 6 months. I have been an on-again/off-again runner for most of my life (started when I was 12!), but I have never kept it up steadily for two years. And I only plan to stop when I die.


Kar said...

Well, happy 1st Day of Spring to you! :) I'm personally more a fan of summer and autumn--but spring is actually very fun too.

Su said...

Well, someone has to like the other seasons, I suppose. :)

Timbra said...

At least the Lord saw fit to give us a proper first day of spring!!! Granted, apparently that thought didn't last long. . . 73 on Saturday, snowing on Monday. . . but hey. . . . SEVENTY THREE on saturday!!! since my birthday and alani's birthday and my sister's birthday ALL land in spring. . .it's no wonder it is a particularly wonderful season in my book!
wv: waxamess. . . this is when you 1)blow out a candle too hard and wax sprays everywhere or 2)exclaim this when you forget you've JUST blown out a candle, you pick it up and SPILL wax everywhere!