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16 March 2009

Shouting, Jumping, and Whispering

Just to be clear: Jason did all the jumping.

I took the morning off to go hear Jason speak at Camp Adventure. This is about the only time of year that I turn up around aimland, because, well, I am doing other things. If aim ever hosts a 10K, they may see me more than once a year. But, I haven't heard Jason speak in something like four or five years, so I took the morning off.

He had us shout a cheer at each other. He made sure that I will never watch TV again. He was as challenging and thought-provoking as he always is. He used an illustration of someone working out for three hours and following it up by eating an entire large pizza (at which point, I turned to Chad and whispered, "Hey! That's exactly what I did yesterday!"). And afterwards, when I JUST wanted to say hello, he was mobbed by people, at least a couple of whom wanted to take his picture.

I asked for his autograph. He said no.

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