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28 March 2009

Everyone needs a challenge, I guess

So it's been a bit of a challenging week over here at Cheekyness. To begin with, my work week was one of those that makes one think that taking in ironing for a living has got to be better than being stuck in corporate America. Thank you, Lord, for the weekend.

We had a race this morning that was supposed to be my 3rd half-marathon in five months. However, last weekend I had to acknowledge what my body has been trying to tell me for weeks-- I was physically & mentally tired of half-marathon training. After all, I started the training for the first one in July, for goodness' sake, so I've been at this for 8 months. My legs were not happy and I mentally wasn't into it, either. So, Monday morning I sent an email to the race organisers to ask to switch to the 10K.

I love 10Ks. I have now raced 10 different distances: 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 miles, 5, 10, 12 & 15Ks, and the half-marathon. 10 K is my favourite distance by far. It feels like just the perfect test of my speed (such as it is) and endurance (ditto). Plus, it is a good distance to set goals for; currently, my goal is to run a sub-hour 10K. I have to take three minutes off of my PR to do it, which means paying attention to the speedwork.
Speedwork! The speedwork for the 10K is fun, too! I do a lot of 800-meter intervals, with a faster time to shoot for each session, and it is So. Much. Fun! My only grief about these intervals is that I can only do them once every three or four weeks.

Anyway, all week I've been looking forward to having a go at my favourite distance, while wearing my new gear. (The shoes were great, by the way. If you are in the market for new running shoes, try on a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 12s and see if you like them.) Then, someone finally broke the news to me that we were supposed to get a cold snap just in time for the weekend. Okay, so the whole country, pretty much, got the same cold snap. That doesn't make me any happier about it. But, I decided to grin (or at least not frown), bundle up, and bear it.

This morning, we got in the car to go & had a dead battery. Grrrr! I was just about to give up on our race altogether, when Chad apprehended a neighbour who was innocently going to leave and asked him to give us a jump. So, we got going-- 45 minutes later than intended. The race started at 9, we left the house at 8:03, and it's a 1 hour, 20 minute drive to Lamesa (according to Google Maps, anyhow). Let's not discuss by how much we violated the speed limit between here and there, but we arrived in time to join the race already in progress. :) They had just barely gotten started, so we figure we had less than a 5-minute gap between us and the pack. Even for being a few minutes late, we still had a reasonably good finish. And Chad got an age group medal!

So, a good race helps to even out a cruddy week. A bit. Here's hoping next week is better.


Timbra said...

i think our "cold snap" moved south. . . after thursday our weather improved while in Tulsa and Lubbock the snow came. . . sorry. . it's probably Utah's fault in some way :) You have way more stick-to-it-iveness than I. . . I definitely would have given up. . . cold, dead battery, late. . . . but good job!

Su said...

I read somewhere that it was La Nina again... I don't know if that was related or not. Actually, I think it is possible that God has used this winter as a "take that!" to the global-warming people-- I know it hasn't been cold the whole time, but there have been record winter storms all over the place the last couple of months, haven't there? So, all that to say, probably not Utah's fault. Besides, it's gone now.

Thanks-- we were about to call it a bad deal and just go back to bed when this nice guy turned up, and of course he had a truck about 3x the size of our car, so it took all of 2 seconds to get it going. :)