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17 March 2009

O' the Green

What's not to like about a day during which you can add, "o' the green" to pretty much anything you say, and people will nod as though you just said something intelligible?

Anyway! I just listened to a quite hilarious song called "St. Patrick Didn't Drink," and if you'd like to get in on the teetotalling action, skip yourself on over to Celtic Music Podcast to hear more. Seriously. I was riding down the street on my bike when this song came up, so I spent the last half-mile of my bike ride laughing.

I quite like St. Patrick's day (although in my mind this very green holiday is overshadowed by the one coming at the end of the week: The First Day of Spring. More on that later.), though I am perennially curious as to why, of all the countries of the world, we in the US celebrate Ireland's patron saint. I have concluded that it is because we collectively will grab hold of any excuse to drink.

I was particularly amused by President Obama's statement that Ireland has had as much a contribution to the US culture as any other country (or something like that). I thought, Yeah. Not like that little place just to the east of Ireland-- what's it called?-- oh yeah, England.

I may mock, but I do not dispute the love for Ireland that exists in the US. And if we start celebrating St. George's day with the same sort of reckless abandon, I will probably join in the protest march. So, continue with your wearin' (and eatin' and drinkin') o' the green. And I will, too.


Misty said...

this made me laugh... I didn't know Obama said that but I would have wondered about England as well. Having a strong amount of Irish Heritage though, I guess it's nice that people love the Irish so much...

thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! I was glad I had some time to make my way here!

Su said...

I'm glad I could make you laugh! :)