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06 April 2009

Both kinds of eco-

I am trying desperately to write shorter posts, because I have been assured by many that no one likes to read long blog posts. Apparently the fact that I enjoy typing long posts is irrelevant.

So, in what I hope is the first of many attempts to be both economically and ecologically friendly, I've decided to stop buying paper towels. We have plenty of old shirts that are no longer suited for wearing or giving away. So, they have all been relegated to the "rag bag" (although it's not a bag) to be used for all our cleaning needs.

Right now I'm trying to see if it is possible in my own life to live within a low budget while being a good steward of the planet, all while owning as little stuff as possible. I'll keep you posted.


Kar said...

Hey, I like the ragbag...that's a great idea. Do keep us posted.

(Ok, I promise I won't keep this up, but...

ackin - "I'm jus' ackin' to get ahold o' that kid..." What small, disobedient children hear frequently.

Thank you.)

sparquay said...

Yep, I'm more likely to read a short post than a long one. Summarization is the key.
Good stuff though. I think I'm going to have to get rid of some stuff... speaking of stuff.

Su said...

Kar: Or, possibly, what their older siblings hear frequently. :)

Sparkles: Wow, I can't believe the rag bag post is the one that is good stuff. Speaking of which, I'm about to go read your latest update.

Timbra said...

i could care less if your posts are long or short. . .but there are other people in your life you're pleasing I'm sure. . . paper towels and ziplocs are my downfall when it comes to being "eco-friendly" and I try to be such in so many other aspects. . . it's a process of elimination I suppose.. . good on you!

Nora said...

You are my hero! I think that I am doing a good job of being earth friendly by unplugging appliances, recycling everything that I can, no longer using plastic or paper bags but my green environmentally friendly resuable bags, yadda yadda... but my two areas of weekness are ziplock bags and paper towels... I cannot live without them and I have a hard time washing ziplock bags that once contained half an onion or lemon and trying to put my husbands sandwich in it the next day...

Beth said...

I don't buy paper towels, but my mom buys them every time she visits because she likes to use them. :-) Really the only thing that a regular towel doesn't work for (because it's really gross to me) is patting dry rinsed chicken.

Kar said...

On the subject of long and short posts I should add that, when I was write, I tend towards the long ones myself; I get the same comments from friends of "Too long!" And, I have to admit, there's some value in a little summarization. Not that I'm good at it. ;) I guess I'd say I go for medium-ish, these days.