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05 April 2009

How did Paul know the man was from Macedonia?

I think he was wearing the Macedonia soccer jersey, myself. Which also helps clarify another point our Bible class teacher wondered about: We never see the man again in Acts 16 because he was at an away match.


Kar said...

Umm...Well, there you go.

I always figured Paul knew b/c one tends to "know" things in dreams--or b/c perhaps he said, "Come over and help us in Macedonia." Or he was wearing Macedonian clothes.

I don't know. I'm sure your soccer jersey theory is much more plausible. :P

sarah chia said...

Yeah... I'm going with the "Come over to Macedonia and help us" part.

That's kinda a give-away to me. :)

Su said...

That's what I thought, too, but since our Bible class teacher seemed confused, I thought maybe it was a general mystery. :)

Kar said...

Heh...he probably forgot that phrase is in there--if it is. (I think it is...)

purachi - some kind of expensive, tiny Italian handbag?

Su said...

It is in there, in fact, and what is really remarkable is that NO ONE in the room mentioned that when he asked, "How did Paul know the man was from Macedonia?" I just said the soccer jersey thing 'cause, you know, I'm a smart aleck.