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25 April 2009

Shopping trip

Okay, after a series of long posts, I'm going to give you a short one-- just a little account of my bicycle-enabled shopping trip today.

First of all, why are all the drivers glaring at me? I'm really not in their way. Maybe it is because my bike can go places their cars can't.

Had a brief encounter with a car full of idiot 20-somethings. I thought at first that they might be idiot teens, but no, they certainly had the look of older, rather than younger, idiots. Good to know people can be idiots for as many decades as they like.

At the risk of sounding insensitive, my bike has enough tics and quirks to be in the psych ward. I forgot my chain, but anyone stealing that thing deserves what they get.

A trip to Hobby Lobby makes everything better. Hobby Lobby is like chocolate without the calories.

The limit on how many times you can drop ear buds on the floor and still expect them to work is three. Once you get to four, they quit.

And finally, in case you were wondering, a brand-new laptop bag can, in fact, be sucked into the gap between the wheel and the bike frame. So, before I owned the thing for five minutes, I had already inflicted damage upon it. At least I'll grab the correct bag in security at the airport.


Kar said...

Trying not to laugh too hard about the laptop bag--that must've been a sight. I've done similar things, tho, I promise.

Poor thing just needed to be broken in a little, eh?

Su said...

Yep. Still works just fine.

Go ahead and laugh-- that might counteract all the swearing I was doing at the moment.