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05 July 2009

Break out the Strawberries & Cream

Wow. I don't think there are any words left for how I feel about that tennis match. Andy Roddick was spectacular, but in the end, Roger Federer was slightly spectacular-er. And I am so happy about that.

Six Wimbledons, one of few to win the French Open & Wimbledon in the same year, all four majors, and oh yeah, more Grand Slams (15) than anyone. Geez, this guy is amazing. And here's the kicker-- he's not done yet. Looking forward to more amazing spectacularity from him.

I had the most trouble getting to see this match-- our NBC only gets a signal sometimes (although, of course, it's coming in perfectly now that Federer v Roddick is done), so I was watching on the internet-- which got stuck when the score was 5-5. And for a couple of minutes, I had no feed on the internet and no signal on the TV. I actually laid down on the floor and was about to cry, when the Lord heard my prayer and both the TV and the internet came back at once. Thank goodness.

Also, Rafa Nadal, please get that knee well soon. It's not the same without you.

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