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02 July 2009

The Williams sisters are amazing

Yep. I'm still talking about tennis. Wimbledon ends on Sunday; you need only bear it for a few more days.

So, Serena's match was a nail-biter-- I didn't see a lot of it, but what I saw had me glued to the TV, afraid to look away because I might miss something. I saw the last three games, though, and did so much shrieking with joy and jumping up & down that one of my coworkers asked, "Are you okay?" There was a moment when her opponent was up 5-4, and had the advantage, that I thought Serena was going home early-- but, no. She pulled it back, won three games in a row, and left the crowd with quite a lot to talk about during their tea break.

Venus' match was a lot less interesting; she dominated from start to finish. Safina (the world #1, by the way) was way outmatched. To be fair, she didn't really seem to bring her "A" game today (or her "B" game, and perhaps not her "C" game), but for her to only get 1 game out of 13 is crazy. Yeah, I'd say grass is not her favourite surface. But that was a short match; I only saw 30 minutes, and that was the match half done! Crazy!

So, brilliant match coming on Saturday morning. Yay! In the meantime, there is Federer v Hass and Murray v Roddick (also known as Andy v Andy) for me to sneak away from work to watch tomorrow.


amanda said...

This would probably make more sense if I watched Tennis :D

Su said...

I'm sure it would. :)