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01 July 2009

Kicking the habit

And by that I mean, kicking the habit back on. Yep, my blog has a kick-starter. Doesn't yours?

So, what with brevity being the soul of both wit and Twitter, I've gotten out of the habit to blogging. To get back into it, I've set a goal to blog every day for the month of July. Get ready to read some drivel.

And to start off, let's talk about the match with my good pal Roger Federer today. First of all, he's just too good, isn't he? I tuned in during the third set, and would have enjoyed a fourth, but no, Roger had to go win. And at the end, I noticed that he seems to have shrunken in the wash. Perhaps it was the rain at the French Open final? The man he was playing was quite a bit taller than he. So, I googled Mr. Karlovic to discover that he is 6'10" tall. Mystery solved, new mystery started; how could someone that tall, presumably with matching arms, ever lose a tennis match?

Also, everything went my way at Wimbledon today... except for Novak Djokovic. He was supposed to win. He was supposed to play Federer Friday. Now it'll be Tommy Haas instead. Can't have everything, though, and at least we get an Andy v Andy match Friday. (Murray v Roddick, that is... let's go Murray!)

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