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03 July 2009

Going to the dogs

As a running, walking, and cycling enthusiaist, I see a lot of dogs. A lot. Big dogs, small dogs, friendly dogs, dogs that would like to have my leg for a snack, dogs that have tried to have my leg for a snack. All sorts of dogs.

On my ride to work, I pass a dog that I think would eat me if given the chance. There is a gap in his fence that is the right size for his face to fit into; as a result, all I've seen of this dog is his nose & teeth. And every now and then, one manic eye. It's possible that this is the friendliest dog in Lubbock and he just wants to play, but somehow he gives me the opposite impression.

On my ride from work, I pass a yard with a chain-link fence, so I've had a good look at both of the dogs who would deafen me, if given the chance. At first, they would jump up and run to the fence barking at me; then, they would jump up and walk to the fence with just a bark or two; then they would just stand up. Lately, they've not even done that. I thought they were getting used to me, but one day when I walked by, they jumped up, ran to the fence, and tried to make me deaf with barking again. So, I suppose it's the bike they recognise.

And there are these itty bitty dogs, just a couple of blocks away from the high-volume dogs, that sometimes get out of their yard and try to chase me. They aren't big enough to even register as a bump if one of them were to jump in front of me, and yet they will chase me for a whole block, yipping away as I tell them to go home.

And my favourites... there are some dogs on one of my running routes that I just love. They used to bark at me, but now they barely glance up when I run by. I don't know dog breeds, but I would guess these dogs are beagles, only because they kind of look like Snoopy. They are really cute, and really friendly, and will run along the fence with me if they are already up. I love seeing them.

Moral of the story: I don't have a moral. Or a dog.

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