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04 July 2009

Fourth on Broadway

I haven't been to our downtown 4th of July street festival for years-- not since the first summer I lived here, really. So, this year we decided to go, after getting refreshed from the race and having lunch so we wouldn't spend a fortune on street fair food.

Yeah. The street fair was almost ALL food. And a couple of mobile phone dealers, and a PSA about the census next year. It's not like we were going to forget, but the man gave us a couple of fridge magnets & pencils just in case.

There were a lot of entertainment tents, but none of them were entertaining enough for us to want to stop. So in the future, I suppose we will plan our downtown jaunts around when people we know will be performing.

There was a parade, too, but we missed it what with our running races and whatnot. Ach, well. Next up: Fireworks.

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