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07 July 2009


I've meant to share this little story for a couple of weeks, but keep forgetting about it.

A couple of weeks ago, I went out for a 9-mile run. I was starting a bit later than usual, so I just ran in a circle around the south of Lubbock, starting & finishing at our door (pretty much). It was cloudy, and had been raining off and on for a couple of days, so I put my iPod in a plastic bag before attaching it "just in case".

I had gone about a mile when it started sprinkling. By two miles, it was sprinkling harder. And by the time I reached the 4-mile point, I was in an all-out downpour. There was no dry spot on my shirt to wipe my glasses on, so I perched them on top of my head. I gave up trying to go around puddles, and just went straight through them. I stopped praying that God would stop the rain, and started praying that he would keep my phone (which was in my pocket) from being ruined. I was wringing out my shirt as I went along, for reasons passing understanding, as it did no good whatsoever.

I came to the corner where I turn to head back toward home. There is a country club almost at the corner, with something currently under construction sitting directly south of it against the street. I normally go along the street, but this day the construction site was a mud slick. Deciding that it would be a very strange golfer indeed who was out in this weather, I cut through the golf course.

And for all that water, not one single car splashed me. Not that is mattered, because I couldn't have gotten any wetter.

Some photos for your enjoyment:

After I finished.

My poor socks. They picked up quite a bit of dirt along the way!
The iPod and phone were both none the worse for having had a soggy, 2-hour run.

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