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13 October 2010

And Then They Were One.

 I have, seriously, no pictures of the bride & groom. None. Sheesh.

Chad with Goliath.
So, Sunday we were up bright and early (one of those, anyway) for breakfast with Phill & Keely. Sweet potato pancakes from the Slide Breakfast House... yum. Then we raced over to South Plains, where Chad (the good friend) promptly went to work getting things ready for the wedding while I (the bad friend) went to Family Builders like we never left in the first place. (There was some discussion about bringing a beach ball to bounce around the room for the occasion, but that did not pan out. Since the conversation was on Facebook, though, enough people read it to ask about it on Sunday morning.)

Friends of the groom sat in the shade.
After class I ran around talking to people, and finally went into worship so late that Rebecca (who had been saving me a seat) said she had just given up on me. Hold that thought; it will come back later. After church we continued in the "help get ready" theme, and eventually we were all dressed and reasonably presentable to watch James & Amber tie the knot. (I thought about calling James "The Old One" and Amber "The Young One" but then realised that those are lousy nicknames. I really need to practise naming things.)

Waiting for Amber.
The ceremony was lovely. The reception was fun. There was much giggling and playing and spinning a little girl around until neither of us could walk straight (although she came off better than I). And afterwards, Chad & I dispensed with our dress clothes, because if we stay dressed up for more than four hours, we turn into pumpkins.

And then we raced off to see a few more people; unfortunately, the community group at which we had promised our attendance gave up on us about 10 minutes before we arrived. :( And so we set off in search of the nearest family who we didn't get to see, before crash-landing back at Rich & Tricia's for the rest of the evening. And we stayed up too late, again. It gets to be a habit.

We got up early again on Monday to make our trip to the Capitol City, where I was, as ever, happy to see my bed (not that I got in it right away; I had to go to class!).

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