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20 October 2010

Running on Town Lake

Well, running by Town Lake. Running on Town Lake would require a fishing boat, a storm, and Jesus in the flesh to extract me from the water after I tripped over a passing wave.

So, running the trail around Town Lake has been on my "to-do" list since we moved here. But until better motivation arrived in the form of Sarah being in town for the weekend and wanting to get a run in, I didn't manage it. We got up early enough to get downtown before dawn, managed to figure out the way there between the two of us, and started out.

Sarah runs a lot faster than I do. That's not saying much (all credit to Sarah for working so hard to get faster, of course), although I managed to keep up for an entire half-mile. :/ The trail is very scenic and nicely maintained, and is very well-used. The first weekend of October drew out half the city, or so it seemed, to take advantage of the nice weather and have a post-dawn run, instead of the pre-dawn madness we've been forced to participate in over the hot summer months. Plus, if my read of the local training landscape is correct, the fall/winter marathon training groups are pretty much all underway. We saw at least three of them, in fact: Tough Cookies, Gilbert's Gazelles and the Austin Runners Club. In addition to tons of adults, there were plenty of kids out, too. Good for them for starting a good habit early.

After trying to keep up with Sarah for a couple of miles, I slowed down and rested happily in the thought that we would meet up again eventually. In the end, Sarah did 10 miles and I did 8. And it was fabulous enough for me to want to make a repeat trip. Every weekend, if possible.

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Meredith McCardle said...

8 miles is impressive! That sounds lovely. :)

Su said...

It is lovely! :) Another reason I like living here. I left out all the gory sweating-and-chafing details that I'm sure non-runners don't want to read, but it was a fabulous morning. :)