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09 October 2010

Friends in Town!

Last weekend, some friends converged on Austin to attend a wedding. Excellent.

I didn't want them to be in town without getting a chance to hang out a bit, so I obsessively patiently reminded them of my current presence in this city and waited for them to have free time. And that free time came on Friday night.
I went to the hotel where the whole gang was staying, and a night of laughter ensued. Of course, with this group (I'm not nicknaming every one of them; there were seven of us sitting together, my name is Su, feel free to choose names for everyone else), laughter is bound to ensue no matter what, but on this occasion they welcomed my help. Seriously, as soon as I got there they all told me how they'd been talking about how funny I am. But no pressure, right? I'm only circumstantially funny, and then only sometimes, so I get a bit worried when people see me and expect hilarity.

But there was hilarity. And a round of catch-up, largely unnecessary in this age of Facebook and Twitter. And swapping stories about what's going on in our lives. And passing round the cake that Sarah bought so everyone could have a bite. (See what I did there? You only have to make up five names now. Hey, and two of the remaining five have the same name. You're down to four.) And finally, realising that we aren't 19 any longer and do have to go to sleep at some point, not the least of which because the rest of the gang were expected to be alert for the decorating and other stuff that was happening the next day. (Wedding, remember?)

And the next morning Sarah and I got up obscenely early (all the more obscene for having been up so late the previous night) and went running at Town Lake. Brilliant.


Sarah said...

It was a fabulous weekend! Glad you were part of it!

Su said...

It was indeed fabulous. And I haven't gotten back to Town Lake to run yet, but I think Chad is getting a teensy bit interested in trying it.