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07 October 2010

Doing It Again

This week, I have begun training for my second marathon.


By virtue of being members of the Austin Running Club, we have access to their free marathon training group. We ran our time trial (5K) on Labor Day, got our training plans by email, and then... sat around for a month.
The reason for that is quite simple: We want to run the Seabrook Lucky Trail Marathon in March, but the training plan is only for 24 weeks. After a month of gladly putting it off waiting patiently we have now arrived at week 24 and began our new adventure with some speedwork. Yep, this is going to be fun.

And when I say "kinda"... well, we aren't exactly running a marathon. A better way of expressing it would be that I'm training for half marathons #3 and 4. Seabrook has what they call a "Pelican challenge": We run a half marathon on Saturday, another half marathon on Sunday, get two races for the price of 1 1/2, and three medals at the end for our trouble. Nice.

We're still following the marathon training plan. But our long runs are split into two days instead of doing it all on one day. After this, I will probably know which way I prefer to train.

Here goes! Two moderately long races, coming in 24 weeks.


Melissa said...

Wow. YOu must need a lot of dedication to run that often and train like that.

Su said...

Or a lot of craziness! :) It's mostly fun, but marathon training does preclude a lot of other hobbies, unfortunately.