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04 October 2010

Happy Birthday!

I know; he's hot.

Somebody in my house has a birthday today. Hmmm... who can it be? I know it isn't me, so... that really only leaves one option. Only my husband could be born on 10-4, right?

Here we are!

Yes, my husband is a year older today. (Not a year older than he was yesterday, of course; that would be silly!) In my head, he'll always be 25, but now that we've both left that mark far behind it's probably time to let him age a little bit.

He's not hugging me right this second.

When I met Chad, I wasn't planning to get married. Ever. It's amusing really, what God does when I'm trying to plan my own life. I also wasn't into hugging (not much has changed on that front), serious conversations, or any of the things Chad was interested in when we met. And for some reason, he like me anyway, and it turned out that I liked him, too, after he understood the "no-hugging" rule.

He's allowed to hug me now, of course.

Perhaps we should dress up more often;
I've been using and abusing these pics.

And since then, we've been blessed with 10 amazing years together, first as friends, then as more than friends, then as a couple, and we made it permanent nearly nine years ago.

Slightly goofy.

I don't know how I was so blessed to be spending my life with Chad, but blessed indeed I am. When Chad was born, the earth was granted a gentle, loving, slightly goofy man. Good job, Chad's parents! Way to put together the good DNA. I appreciate it.


What will we do to celebrate? I've no idea. I imagine there will be chocolate involved. Unfortunately, it's a school day, so we can't spend all our time together. We'll think of something. In the meantime, enjoy the pics.


G said...

Happy Birthday, Chad!

Aaron said...

Oh, so it IS his Birthday. I've been bamboozled! And you've changed the look of your blog again. More often than myself now.

Su said...

Yep. This is one of the reasons I was reluctant to change it in the first place; I knew I'd spend more time than necessary playing with it. I think I'll leave it like this for a day or two.