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12 October 2010

Fastest. Trip. Ever.

He's cute.
Chad and I left our apartment at 12:20 Saturday afternoon to head for Lubbock, and got back this morning at 8:20. For other non-numerical folk out there, that's 44 hours that we were gone. Forty-four really packed hours.

It's possible that this isn't strictly local,
either. I'm not sure.

The Austin airport is just as quirky as the rest of Austin. Of course, you have the same TSA security there as everywhere else, but once you make it past the Argonath, there are dozens of local shops to eat, drink, and otherwise spend money in. Not a McDonald's in sight. The only thing I saw that I recognised as a chain was Auntie Annie's Pretzels. So, I walked through the airport, camera in hand, like a crazed person.

Sixth Street runs through the airport
Plane went up, plane came down, Ruth picked us up at the Lubbock airport. The cotton has bloomed and a few more streets are torn up; otherwise, Lubbock looks exactly the same as it did in July. Weird, I know.

Actually, it was weird returning to this place where we lived for so long, but this time as visitors. It isn't our city any longer, we couldn't go back to our apartment to relax, and people were a lot more excited to see us than normal.

Anyway. We stayed with Rich & Tricia, so we went to their house, dropped off our stuff, chatted for a few minutes, then headed out in the truck they so generously let us borrow. Some intensive decorating was taking place at the church, so we went to help out as much as we could before the rehearsal dinner. In the course of which, by the way, I was bitten by every insect in a half-mile radius. And to think I almost packed bug spray, then changed my mind. Ay yi yi.

After the rehearsal, Chad went to hang out with the guys, and I went to see our friends Randy & Rebecca (and their children). That was the funnest evening I've had in aaaages-- I never get tired of spending time with them. It helps that we all have a similar sense of humour. So, we kept them (and ourselves!) up crazy-late. Plus, they let me drink from their Cowboys cup, which I'm pretty sure had some part in the Cowboys' loss on Sunday-- kiss of death, you know. I can't stop it.

We got back to our host home after everyone was already asleep, and collapsed into bed. It was worth it.
I'm just going to write my own
commentary here: Jesse told a joke.
James didn't get it.


Rachael Harrie said...

Hey Su, sounds like a great (jam-packed) trip! :)


Su said...

It was lots of fun! We don't normally do this much stuff in one weekend, though-- we are definitely homebodies.

sparquay said...

Hmm, sounds like another wedding weekend I had once... I left Friday morning from Georgia and arrived 17 hours later by car (I like to drive long distances). Then the wedding was on Saturday, and I traveled back on Sunday the 17 hours.
Granted I think this last weekend for me was crazy. I left Friday night to Dover, slept in the car while waiting for our ferry. Next morning we drove to Germany to pick up our family's stuff, after four hours spent at our destination, we turned around and headed back. Got to Calais at 3am, and caught the ferry at 6:40am. We got back to Ikeston, England at 11:30am. That was probably the craziest trip I've ever taken. And I didn't really see much of France, Belgium, Luxemburg, or Germany.
Sorry, I just totally one-upped your story of Fastest. Trip. Ever. Apart from if you just count the plane ride. Then your's would definitely be quicker, maybe mine could be Shortest. European. Tour. Ever.

Su said...

No, it was my fastest trip ever. I readily acknowledge that other people do it a lot, even though I don't. :)

There was no way I was driving that far (and it's only 7 hours, as opposed to your 17) because I would have lost my mind. And I think your weekend wins for travelling, although I might still win for "seeing the largest # of friends possible in 44 hours".