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10 October 2010

Pretty Pretty Things

I set out on Monday after class to get the battery replaced in my sport watch, so that I could run intervals on Tuesday and, you know, keep track of how fast I was going. A missed bus stop turned what should have been a trip of half an hour, tops, into an epic journey worthy of saga and song... or not.
The clock shop itself would probably have gotten its own post, had it not been overshadowed by Things Celtic; it was filled with clocks of all shapes, sizes, and sounds. And the clocks are set to different times, so instead of chiming the hour all at once (which would be an awful din, I should think), they chime separately and the customer can tell which clock makes which sound. And there was one clock I loved, but it had a $200 price tag on it. I think I can tell time much more cheaply than that, alas.

Once I came out of the clock shop I realised that there was no point in going home because I'd have to be back on campus for a 7 PM class, which meant leaving my apartment at 6, which meant I might get half an hour at home if I was lucky. So instead, I had a look around my general area before settling down to wait 25 minutes for a bus, and spotted a shop I've been wanting to visit: Things Celtic.

In case you've know me less than 30 seconds: I used to live in Scotland. Celtic things make me all kinds of happy. So I zoomed into the store and was awe-struck and the colossal amount of happiness that they've managed to cram into one tiny shop.

He was not at Things Celtic.
There were kilts. There were kilt hose. There were tartan blankets. There were flags of the various Celtic countries. Jewelry, knicknacks, books, Christmas ornaments, cross-stitch patterns (!), cookies (!!), tea bags (!!!), haggis, wall hangings... I was walking on sunshine for about 20 minutes.

And even though I had assured my husband that I wouldn't be spending money, I did. In my own defence, it wasn't all for myself. And I did buy Chad some cookies to make up for buying myself an Irn Bru (a soft drink made in Scotland and vastly overpriced when sold in the US; it was worth it).

If you, too, love Things Celtic and don't live in a Celtic country, you should come visit me and we can see the shop together. :) And if you do live in a Celtic country, you should just come visit me.

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