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15 February 2011

I'm Not This Good of a Friend

I'm way off my usual schedule this week, but I didn't think anyone would mind too much.

This is what the road looks like
after 20 miles.
I went to the Running is Funny blog a couple of days ago, and the post intrigued me because I'm going to be a marathon spectator, for a whole slate of friends, this coming Sunday. (I'm volunteering, too, but the holding-a-poster-and-screaming part is the good stuff.)

The post directs to a Houston Chronicle article about a runner whose friends went out early in the morning before the marathon to put up signs for him at every mile. I am not so dedicated; my running friends will have to be happy with one sign and me jumping up and down, but I admire the sentiment. And if you're running Austin this weekend, let me know & I'll add your name to the sign, too!

So here they are, from the article; 26.2 miles of motivation:

• 1. • Lookin' good! (So far. …)
• 2. • Adrenaline got you this far. All guts from here!
• 3. • Seriously, who fartleked?
• 4. • It's all uphill from here.
• 5. • Runner X-ing
• 6. • You're not slow, you're enjoying the course.
• 7. • Relax. You're not going to win.
• 8. • I love the smell of 22,000 runners in the morning.
• 9. • 26.2, because 26.3 would be CRAZY!
• 10. • When Chuck Norris hits walls, they fall down.
• 11. • Johnny Knoxville wouldn't even do this to himself.
• 12. • Only 5.3 miles to finish! (if you take the most direct route)
• 13. • You're already a winner. You won the lottery to get here.
• 14. • Nobody to blame but yourself.
• 15. • Toenails were made to fall off.
• 16. • If you were a Kenyan, you'd be done by now.
• 17. • Shirt, how do thou chafe me? Let me count the ways. ...
• 18. • You paid $115 for this?
• 19. • Sweating = fat cells crying.
• 20. • Your training runs ended here.
• 21. • At this point, it will hurt just as much to walk.
• 22. • Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall you just hit.
• 23. • Graveyard ahead. Look alive.
• 24. • Give me a high five!
• 25. • If pain is temporary, why does this feel like an eternity?
• 26. • Congratulations!!!! Almost. …

What would you want your inspirational marathon (or whatever) sign to say?


Felicity Grace Terry said...

Well done you, I'm sure your friends will be pleased with this support.

Anonymous said...

you look hotter when you sweat - I'd want a variation on that every mile!

Michelle in a shell said...

Cute! I think my favorite is "sweating= fat cells crying!"

Su said...

@Michelle: I like pretty much all of them, but I think "If you were a Kenyan, you'd be done by now" is my favourite.

@Petty: I hope so; they have to help make the sign. ;)

@Charlie: That's a good one.

Kassy and Grace said...

Haha, this is awesome. Thanks!

Beth said...

LOL! I love it.

Su said...

@Grace: I haven't decided yet what goes on the sign, apart from a bunch of names... but we'll think of something clever. :)

@Beth: Me, too!

Ruth said...

Oh my goodness... I was TOTALLY bummed, because I got distracted, and missed church, which is a super good lesson going on, and I would miss half of it, at best, anyhow, I digress... I started laughing so hard, I almost started crying (not quite, which is good). SO TRUE. OH SO TRUE. Although, in my case, I am thinking my shoes, not my shirt for the half. I want my sign to say "Ruth" or "Ruthie" (your choice), and I would like you to be cheering. Some great sentiment of your choice would be nice, too. As long as it is large and easy to read. :) It is hard to read and run.

Su said...

Well, you have to share the sign with everybody else. And I'm bring the sign-making materials to the hotel, so you're also helping to make it. Surprise! :)