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07 February 2011

Give it a Tri

If I keep posting these grand plans on my blog, I'm bound to stick to at least one of them, right?

So Chad and I, in the absence of a monthly running club race (*waves frantically at the WTRC* We miss you!), have slacked off on pretty much everything. I run three miles about once a week. On the upside, at least I can still run three miles.

We've contemplated doing some upcoming 5 and 10Ks, but the problem with this plan is that all these races cost about $30 each, and that's before we go to the expo to be tempted by all the fancy-schmancy running stuff. Not good.

So! After considering our options and the current state of our sanity very carefully, we've decided to start training for the Austin Triathlon, coming on Labor Day. This gives us plenty of time to work on our swimming and cycling, not to mention budget for the race (although it will be cheaper to do this one race than to do all of the five we were considering). And I'll have a good reason to go use that swimming pool in the university gym that I'm already paying for anyway, but haven't had the courage to use until now.

Any triathletes out there? What should I do first?


Unknown said...

Get out there and do it! :0)

Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

You can do this. My daughter did a du-athalon. There was no time to train in swimming. (2 jobs and college classes). I know you can do this.
Go get 'em!

Su said...

@Carole: Very true!

@Mary: Thanks!

Jenny Beattie said...

Absolutely NO IDEA what you should do first but all the very best of luck with it. I look forward to hearing how it goes.

Samantha VĂ©rant said...

Ugh! I can barely make it around the block! LOL Good luck! Hi, I'm a fellow crusader!***waves*** Nice to "virtually" meet you!
Dare to Follow Your Heart

Su said...

@Jenny: Yeah, me neither. I started with a 3-mile bike ride yesterday; it seemed like a good enough way to jump in.

@Samantha: Thanks! And it's nice to meet you, too!

Unknown said...

I know several people who do triathlons regularly -- both Sprint and Ironman distances -- and they seem to give over their entire lives to training for about 3 months (which they moan and complain about). The swimming seems to be the toughest thing to train for. Other than that, everyone I know who does it, loves the experience. So good on ya both!

I stick to the cycling only. I'm a good swimmer but running. Ugh. No. I'm a slow, slow runner. I'd need at least a 2 hour lead heading into the final leg or I'd get picked up by the SAG wagon.

Good luck!


Hart Johnson said...

Goog for you! I think an event you need to train for is a great incentive to get to work. I've never done a triathalon, (the bike has always been an issue, though NOW any of them probably would). I think though, there are some good resources on line for developing a training schedule.

Hart Johnson said...

erm... that should say GOOD on you. I would never goog on you *snort*

a runners' life said...

Fantastic Su :) Triathlons are so much fun. The variety in training means that you can't get bored because every day you're doing something different. I'm hoping to do one in May if I manage to get back into the swimming pool soon.

Working out twice a week on each leg of the triathlon will get you ready in a few short months. It's also a good idea to add an extra training session for your weakest leg and practice the transitions a few times before the race.

Good luck with the training!

Su said...

@KLM: I'm a bit worried about the SAG wagon, truth be told, especially since my age group is third-to-last to start! They may be taking the banners down by the time I come in. :( And don't worry, I'm always here to provide moaning. ;)

@Hart: I definitely need something to train for. Without a goal, it just doesn't happen for me. And I think as often as people (read: I) type "goog", we need to assign that word some meaning.

@Runner: I think the variety will be good! That's something that dragged me down when I was training for the marathon... too much of the same thing left me burned out. For now I'm building up a base & perusing training plans for when I start training for real.

Michelle in a shell said...

Go you!!! Ever since I learned about triathalons I've been fascinated by the idea and dedication of those who can do them! Maybe one day i can muster up the strength/courage/motivation to do one :)

Su said...

Thanks! I'll keep you updated on how it goes. :)