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01 February 2011

In My Mailbox

These are textbooks for my Pathos class, and I would not normally be that excited about new textbooks, but... look how pretty! They are brand-new! No curled pages or anything! I hardly ever get brand-new textbooks, so this is pretty exciting.

The cover is blurry; it's not the picture
quality. I have no idea what this is
about-- yet. But my instructor talks
about affect a lot.

This sounds promising... but I don't
know what it is about, either. Except
that Descartes was wrong about


Felicity Grace Terry said...

Like you I find it difficult to get excited about text books. I do get annoyed at how much they cost though. The last text book I needed to buy and I'm going back 6/7 years ago cost £50 new, needless to say I bought a second hand copy with dog ears etc though thankfully no pencil markings.

Unknown said...

I get excited about textbooks! Love them. I do like fiction too but I love learning new things and those books look so informative.

Su said...

@Petty: Fortunately, a lot of them have gotten cheaper as I've gotten to higher levels. But I always buy used as well, so I was delighted to get these and see that they were new!

@Clarissa: I definitely prefer this type to the massive books that are hard to hold-- it kind of feels like I'm reading fiction!

Grandpa said...

I just LOVE the smell of books. I always looked forward to new school year when I get to smell all those new books. Even now whenever I go to the library or bookshop I smell the books first before opening them...I hope you don't think I'm weird or something, I just like the smell

Su said...

No, I like the smell, too. New book smell is great, but library book smell is nice, too. The only book smell I don't like is musty! Ick!

Arlee Bird said...

I used to get excited about new textbooks. I still have some of them in my personal library. The books were so much less expensive when I was in college about 40 years ago. So was everything else. And I was so excited when my paycheck was raised by a nickel to $2.05.

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Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

amanda said...

Pathos, is in part of Aristotle's triangle of persuasion?

Su said...

@Arlee: I don't know how I missed your comment! I have kept some of my textbooks, too, and some have re-entered the circulation process (yay, Amazon!). :)

@Amanda: You are correct! I see that your education is not being wasted. :)

Amanda said...

SOMETHING good had to come out of speech class XD

Su said...

I'm guessing that you don't feel well-served in your quest to speak publicly, then?