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10 February 2011

Join the Crusade!

Are you a writer? Do you want more writing friends? A chance to build your online platform while honing your mad writing skills? A fun community to be a part of?

Ask your doctor if the Writers' Platform-Building Crusade is right for you!

Just kidding, don't ask your doctor. I can tell you for free: It is. Hop on over to Rach's blog, fill out the cute little Crusader form, and you're all set. And just in time, too, because the first challenge is coming tomorrow! (I think... I'm pretty sure that's what she said. Hey, why don't you look that up while you're over there?)

I was in the first crusade, wrote some really bizarre posts as a result, and found a whole slew of writerly blogs to follow-- and made some new blogging friends in return. They're the ones responsible for taking me from 9 followers to 85. Way to go, guys! Anyway, I'm back for a second round, and my goal for this weekend is to get around to all the new crusaders and introduce myself. And you don't want to miss out on that.

Any fellow crusaders? What weird word do you want Rach to give us this time?


kar_took said...

Ahoy there fellow Crusader! I'm not technically new since I was on the first Crusade, but I'm trying to pop by all the 'join the Crusdae' posts I see. I'm looking forward to finding out who is in my Crusdae group, and if I'll be in with anyone I know (in the 'I regularly read their blog' sense).
Kar x

PK HREZO said...

Yay! Fellow crusader!

Misha Gerrick said...

New crusader here. But I have guest posts on Fridays. Maybe I'll find a way to cheat. ;-)

Zan Marie said...

Hi fellow Crusader! I looked at your blog and I see we have many interests in common. If you check my site out, you'll see I write devotional books as well as fiction. I'm not new to infertility either. I'm just past the age to dream now. ; ) See you around the Crusade.

Golden Eagle said...

Hooray for the Crusades! :)

Su said...

@kar: I remember you from the first time around! The group thing will add an extra dimension to it, plus make it more manageable, I think.

@PK: Yay!

@Misha: I'm sure there will be no cheating required, unless Rach way changes the rules on us. :)

@Zan: Very cool! The writing, that is, not the past-dreaming bit. I shall pop by directly!

@Eagle: It's like the original, but with no dead people! Wait, that's not a good slogan. It's nothing like the original! ;)

Crystal Collier said...

Hello Su. Here's to the crusade! Glad to "meet" you.

Su said...

"Happily Cheesy" is a brilliant username! Glad to be crusading with you!

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

Hi there! I am a fellow crusader, new to blogging and the crusade, and about to be a follower of your blog if the link will work this time :) Nice to meet you!

Unknown said...

Hi! New Crusader here stopping in to say hey :-)

Su said...

@Susanna: Welcome to both! I hope the link started working... I haven't had time to investigate.

@Yves: Hello and welcome to the crusade!

Cally Jackson said...

Hi fellow chick-lit crusader! Looking forward to getting to you know throughout the crusade!