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25 February 2011

And Now For the Truth...

There was a fib in yesterday's post. Wanna know what it was? Well, have you read the post yet? No peeking until you've had a guess. Go ahead, we'll wait.

Okay, so the fib is:

I don't love flip-flops. In fact, I hate flip-flops. They are uncomfortable, bad for my feet, and have none of the benefits of either minimalist or traditional shoes. Keep your flip-flops; if that's my only option, I'd rather go barefoot

(That sound you just heard was all my readers passing out in shock.)

The rest? All true. I love warm weather, I love tank tops and shorts, and I also love when grass gets stuck in my toes. And bringing home the flora. Love it.

I wouldn't be in the Crusade if I didn't enjoy reading & writing. As for the running: I'm a marathoner. Sorry to those who guessed that running was my fib, but it isn't, not by a long shot. And I really do run like a duck. And not a bit like a rabbit. It's funny for my running partners.

I know the Dewey Decimal bit sounded like the lie, but it isn't. I really would love to have my personal bookshelves organised like the local library, because I am a serious nerd. Oh, and yes, they are all sorted by size right now because of the varying sizes of my shelves. As far as finding things... I search. Generally speaking, I know how big the book is that I'm looking for. But I would never sort my books by colour, like in this video:

I am the elder sister and provider-of-information to my young classmates (and I'm really a non-trad). But really, when faced with a panicked 19-year-old who is generally kind and fun to be around, how can I possibly refuse to help? I'm quite the enabler that way.

So, there you have it! No flip-flops, but lots of running, nerdiness, and sisterly help to the masses. Did you guess correctly?


JEFritz said...

I don't know how anyone could think that running was your fib. That was a great post. Also, I hate flip-flops, too.

Su said...

New Crusaders, I think. They haven't had the benefit of reading my long-winded running stories. ;) And I'm so happy not to be the only person on Earth to hate flip-flops.

Although, here's a little something for the "coincidence" drawer: I do have one pair of thin flip-flops that I use for public swimming pools and similar places. I was just talking to someone about the Day of No Shoes (I think that's what it's called) that's coming up & telling her I'll have to bring my flip-flops that day in case UT has a policy about being barefoot in buildings. (And even if the university doesn't, the buses certainly do!)

Anonymous said...

uh they're called rainbows - they're comfortable and they support your arch. Too bad they're $45 and I can't afford to buy you a pair.

Mary Vaughn said...

I should have caught the flip-flops. Most runners I know hate them.
All our public buildings require shoes - at least flip-flops. on't know how the are considered a safe shoe though.

Su said...

@Charlie: Do they still have that bit that connects in between your toes, and a spot on either side to attach to the sole? I hate those spots even more than the lack of support.

@Mary: We (runners) are a strange lot. ;) It does make sense for public buildings to require shoes, but this is a university campus and it's an anti-poverty demonstration, so maybe? I'm sure I'll end up blogging about it.

Regina said...

I only like the ones that have those pokie things in them that massage your feet and don't have the toes separators. But I'm not a big flip-flop fan myself. Great post. Thanks.

Amanda Milner said...

Ha Ha! I totally got it right! I swear I didn't peek;) Myself, I actually love flip flops. As soon as warm weather hits the flip flops come out. And, ugh, your right! NEVER by color! It actually made me a teeny bit ill. Of course that could be the movement of the video and the fact I have reached the bottom of my second glass of wine...
It's a clever video though. haha

Su said...

@Regina: I've heard that you're supposed to wear them until you develop callouses where the shoe rubs your foot. Um, no thanks? How about I just wear non-flippy sandals?

@Amanda: Yay, way to go! :D There was a lot of movement in the video. It's fun, but must have been made by someone whose hobby is making YouTube videos. Or I guess it could have been a class project.