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27 February 2011

I've Been Inducted...

I was at an induction a couple of years ago for the Thespian Society at my former high school. I kept saying that Amanda's friend Paula was being "abducted", and Amanda corrected me about four times before she finally realised I was winding her up. Hee hee hee. (I said the same thing to a young man at church the next day, who had likewise been abducted, and he got it right away. At least somebody in Indiana appreciates my sense of humour.)

Anyway! Today I attended an abduction of my own, into Gamma Beta Phi. Let me preface this by telling you that I'm not much into Greek organisations. Even leaving out the raucous parties, they promote a spirit of "us v. them" that I think we already have plenty of in our country, and certainly on our college campuses. So I've spent most of my life pledging to never join a sorority.

And then I got the invite to GBP. First off, it's not a sorority; it's a co-ed organisation. Secondly, it's an honour society. And thirdly, they are officially classified at the University as a "service organisation". So I caved and joined, and today was formally inducted...

... along with my classmate TARDIS girl. (She has a cute TARDIS sewn onto her backpack. It's one of the reasons we became friends; how can you not like someone who will be excited about Doctor Who with you?) (Also, I do know that my nicknames are getting worse as I go along.) They had asked us to submit something interesting about ourselves, so hers was that she "makes a damn good four-berry pie". I encouraged her to bring one to class so that we can verify this claim. She noted that her interesting thing was the only one that included swearing. Tee hee hee.

The first time I tried this shot (yes, I was crazy enough to
take it myself) I got a great action shot of me catching
book and jar as they fell off, because I inadvertently hit the
button mid-catch.
Chad of course asked what my interesting thing was as soon as we walked in and saw the powerpoint scrolling. I couldn't remember (after all, it's been two weeks since I filled out the form), so we had to watch. And wait. And finally, mine came up:  "Susan likes to balance things on her head when she gets bored." Ah. That's it. I was quite gratified that I heard a chuckle in the room when mine scrolled across the screen.

Actually, I don't have to be that bored to balance things on my head.

So, Greeks? Non-Greeks? Balancers? Speak up and be counted!


Anonymous said...

you took the photo yourself too? add that to your talent too!

Su said...

LOL! Good point. I've never tried taking a photo while balancing before, so it was a new experience.